Beijing marching eastward and Tongzhou Canal CBD lighting up Beijing Deputy center


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At the beginning of August 2017, the Ancient Grand Canal Historical and Cultural Museum opened in Tongzhou, Beijing with the theme of Renaissance to create a new City.

In mid-August, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission approved the Application to purchase the vehicles for the suburb line to Beijing deputy center and the traffic sign system, which is the first time for the railway construction for Beijing deputy center to appear in the public document.

On August 23, Beijing MIX Plaza saw the opening of Beijing Deputy center Development Forum themed In the Canal Light, Tongzhou set sail, which made Tongzhou as a hot spot for the urban development.

Since Beijing's deputy center status is established, Tongzhou has become one of the core forces in the urban evolution. From the comprehensive construction of the new city to the rise of the Canal CBD, there is endless good news and the regional outlook is changing with each passing day. What makes Tongzhou so lucky and attractive? How it can be entitled as the world’s ninth largest bay area CBD?

Beijing needs a new CBD

CBD is an important indicator of a city's development level. Since its establishment 30 years ago, the China World Trade Center CBD has been playing the role of Beijing's international business. In recent years, with the pace of Beijing's urban construction, Beijing increasingly needs for the capital's CBD. In addition to gathering the high-end corporate headquarters, a CBD also requires convenient traffic and a green ecological atmosphere that is in line with the international standards. Because of the regional mass restrictions, the China World Trade Center CBD has too many buildings, dense population and poor traffic. Too many disadvantages have become bottlenecks that limit the growth of the CBD and Beijing's internationalization.

In the meantime, in the face of Beijing's ever-rising international status, many Fortune 500 companies have stationed and put forward more requirements on the business environment of the CBD. In the face of the limitations of the traditional China World Trade Center CBD, most enterprises choose Wangjing and Yizhuang which are more open. The decentralized layout of international enterprises has reduced the significance of CBD to pool capital and information. Beijing urgently needs a new CBD! Where is the perfect place to build one?

Bay area CBD, lighting up Beijing Deputy center

With the announcement of Tongzhou as the Deputy center of Beijing and the eastward relocations of the city government, the economic center, cultural center, high-end medical facilities and diplomatic clusters of Beijing will settle in Tongzhou. Upgraded into a new international city, Tongzhou starts to build the world-class city with the pattern of One core with Five zones over the planned are of 155 square kilometers. And one core means the Canal CBD area which is located at the interchange of five rivers, with a total area of 16 square kilometers. This is the strategic engineer for Tongzhou to build the international city. And the five zones refer to Songzhou Culture and Creative industry Zone, International Medical Service Zone, International Organization Zone, Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone, and Bohai High-end Headquarter Base.

The strong planning support, international cutting-edge concepts, and the natural ecological advantages of the canal make the canal become the best choice for an international CBD. Although Tongzhou Canal CBD sounds like the China World Trade Center CBD or the Financial Street, its specification is actually much higher and its planning area is twice that of the World Trade Center CBD. First, its planning area is twice of the China World Trade Center CBD. Next, Tongzhou Canal CBD adopts the idea of first planning and later construction to effectively avoid the occurrence of urban diseases such as traffic stress and population pressure in the core areas of China World Trade Center.

At present, with the high-end business as the main body and the headquarters as the characteristic, the canal CBD planning is an important space to extract the business function of the central city, enhance the consumption functions, supplement the international functions and gather the cultural industries. Under the deployment and guidance of the government, it will focus on the development of business and trade, conferences and exhibitions and comprehensive services, actively introduce headquarters of multinationals, well-known corporates, and influential private enterprises, attract the financial, service, technology companies and think tanks to station. With high-end industries, high-end elements and talents gathering, it strives to create a new international center and international hub to integrate the history, human arts, administration, economy and finance, and industrial development.

With the Tod three-dimensional traffic mode, the Canal CBD plans to have six horizontal and two vertical lines. The six horizontal lines refer to Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang North Road, Jingtong Express, Tongyan Highway, Guangqu Road Phase 2, and Yunhe Street which will be upgraded as city express way soon. The two vertical lines mean the 5th Ring Road and the 6th Ring Road. In terms of the railway traffic, now Tongzhou has the Line 6 and Line Batong. In accordance with the 2025 Beijing subway plan, among the future 21 subway lines, 10 will cover the new city of Tongzhou. The international city traffic will provide the global business speed for the Canal CBD.

Upon completion, it will become the ninth largest bay area CBD in the world and occupy the commanding height of the world's commercial economy. Just like other eight bay area CBDs in Manhattan, Canary Wharf in London, Central Hong Kong, Lujiazui in Shanghai and so on, their common feature is to attract the world capital and the Fortune 500 companies with the waterfront locations and the most core areas.

At present, there are already 14 domestic first-tier brand developers stationed in the core area of Tongzhou CBD, reaching its goal to create the most high-end business clusters. Among them, the top 500 companies including Hua Insurance, TianAn Property Insurance, and Bank of Beijing have signed the lease contract. And other financial firms including the four major banks are also negotiating with the major developers for the purchase intention. The world's ninth largest Bay Area CBD is shaping the future.

Beijing MIX Plaza unveiling the EOD ecologic business complex

In the core area, the planned area of 3 square kilometer is priorities for development. This core area is dived into two parts: the north part and the south part. The north part saw an earlier start. In 2015 it’s open to the market and attracted many investors in the small apartments. In 2016 when Tongzhou introduced the apartment purchase restriction policy, the core are entered a precise positioning period and introduced large enterprises and institutions.

The clients in the south part where Beijing MIX Plaza is located are superior that those in the north part in terms of brand, strength and overall quality. It can be called as the gold plate. In addition, MIX Plaza is closed to the Grand Canal. With the perfect river view, it is only one- stop away from the municipal government. Its future development has great potentials in consideration of the influence brought by the downstream enterprises affiliated to the government.

MIX Plaza is an eco-business complex along the Tongzhou canal, the masterpiece of Anar Group. With the construction area of 170000 square kilometers, its three 5A-level office buildings and one commercial apartment occupy the first-line riverfront landscape. It advocates the concept of EOD green building, the sixth generation building. Upon completion, it will be a waterfront city complex with the most flexible office area in the area.”

As the front representative canal project, MIX Plaza takes the lead in introducing the EOD green office. That is to follow the ecology and architecture principles with combination of the external natural environment to create a comfortable and humane business space in line with the green sustainable development.

As the core asset of the future world 9th Bay area CBD, MIX Plaza upholds the spirit of craftsmen and the philosophy of masterpiece-making. In line with the state planning of international standard, world view, Chinese characteristic and high-end positioning, it is devoted to building the business real estate with the most valuable and most potentials.


From Tongzhou to China, from K2 to Anar Group, from the real estate development to three main business sectors of real estate, technology and finance, from the Begonia Bay to K2, M5, V7 and the Lion City project, with the mature product line and the steady strategy, Anar Group has become the real estate company with the fastest growth in China.

As Mr. Xu Zhenfeng, the brand director of Anar Group, said, "Today all the fruits of Anar come from Tongzhou's K2 product line 10 years ago." In the past ten years, based on the philosophy of "life is on vacation", K2 product created a new life style. In line with the times development, it combined the product with the contemporary elements. Through the continuous upgrading and evolution, it created many projects recognized by and familiar to the public. The K2 product line continues to evolve and become increasingly large, regardless of the K2 Begonia Bay, or the special K2 Lily Bay, K2 Clear Water Bay, K2 Magnolia Bay or K2 Lychee Bay.


As the eldest son of the Anar family, K2 series have grown together with the company. With 10 years' proven quality, it has introduced new products. Today, Anar Group is closely following the pace of Beijing and building the most valuable potential Tongzhou area in Beijing. It is trying all its efforts to build the K2 Spring Breeze. Introducing the brand new design and innovative design concept of combing the new Chinese villa and the pragmatic high buildings, it tries to offer a masterpiece in line with the new times. It can be predicated that K2 Spring Breeze will amaze the public and become the most-favored apartment in Beijing.