How do Anar Group make its innovation axis?


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A year after Anar Group was renamed in November 2016, a series of moves are sending a signal to the outside world that this developer is going through some sort of fundamental change.

On September 13, Anar Group Tongzhou promoted its K2 Spring Breeze project in Tongzhou’s Canal CBD, including the villa, houses, and high buildings, mainly in Chinese style. It already has 9 projects in Tongzhou since ten years ago when it brought the k2 Begonia Bay project.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With a national strategy, Anar Group already laid out projects in the key cities including Shanghai, Ningbo, Suzhou, Baoding, Yangzhou and Qingdao.

The shift from "local" to "national" is a sounder of scale development. However, it is even more proud that the company not only expands the scale of real estate business, but pays much attention to dig other industries. From the tradition real estate development to real estate-technology-finance, its business ecosystem is being shaped at a faster rate. This not only brings a bring future to the company, but also directly distinguishes itself from the traditional developers.

Name change and product transformation

The name of Anar Group has experienced three states from Huamei and K2, and then to Anar. At every pivotal historical turning point, behind its choices lies an innovative gene as an entrepreneur.

On November 1, 2016, K2 Real Estate officially announced that it was renamed as Anar Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. The management team of Anar Group give a new meaning to pomegranate, a traditional fruit: Aggregation for power and Dispersion for vitality. They believed that this was the typical description of the Chinese entrepreneurs.

Therefore, after renamed as Anar Group, the future development concept of K2 has changed as a pioneer to upgrade the city with Real estate+Technology+Finance, which was represented separately by Anar Real Estate, Zoom Tech and Wookboom.

Behind the strategic change of Anar Group is the change from the previous demand for simple living space to the full range of living experience in transportation, education, medical care and leisure in the process of urban renewal in China. Tongzhou is a microcosm of this process. It has transformed from a suburban to a major deputy center of Beijing. With the equipped key facilities of transportation, education and medical care, Tongzhou is constructing the major projects including the Canal CBD, the Universal Studioses, and the municipal government districts.

In response to the demands for high quality of life brought by the industrial upgrading and habitat improvement, Anar Group has also upgraded its products. The company has successively developed nearly 10 projects in Tongzhou. The project design concept involves high-end residence, high-end mansions and urban apartments. For the newly launched K2 Spring Breeze, Anar Group combined the Chinese design concept and integrated the British naturalistic garden and the Oriental garden of the fine technique, to separate the landscape groups in different yards and realize the harmony of villas and high-building residences.

In addition, while enjoying the perfect living facilities in the Beijing Deputy center, the project will also be equipped with Fever Joy club, Breeze Market, and bilingual kindergartens to meet the multiple needs.

Innovation axle at north latitude 40°

It is not difficult to see that the expansion of real estate business has become a universal choice for many developers because these companies found that  the cement forests could not change the tendency of sleeping cities. How to let people stay is a concern to the government. As the supplier of land, the government focus on the research of the demand of the real estate companies.

The idea of Anar Group is to hatch the industry and introduce technology. On the one hand, this can enlarge the employment opportunities brought about by the growing process of indigenous emerging industries and start-ups. On the other hand, the industries can be introduced quickly through the opportunities of global technology innovation and transfer. And the common goal is to let people stay.

Financial means is undoubtedly the best "rocker," Wookboom Investment has now invested in 50 companies in the fields of the Internet, smart hardware, 3D printing, power battery, advanced manufacturing, medical health, and marine engineering. These investments have taken root in the real estate property platform of Anar Group.

For example, based on its investment in real estate and the Internet, Panda Apartment has formed its own unique advantage in the mode of "Internet + Real Estate", providing the best quality community service to the young people in the first-tier and second-tier cities and creating a brand new life experience to the urban youth.

In the innovation ecosystem of Anar Group, the core of another model lies in the incubation and transformation of technology. Unlike the traditional closed economy, Anar Group is building its own innovative capabilities by bringing together the global scientific and technological forces.

In March this year, on the Beijing Technology Market Association Member Conference 2016 & Beijing International Technology Transfer and Innovation Partnership Forum, Zoom Tech of Anar Group signed two projects with the relevant government department and the relevant company to jointly promote the transfer of scientific and technological achievements.

Five months later, in the latest technology map of Anar Group, Zoom Tech has laid out a dozen of technology innovation sites in Silicon Valley, Boston, Tel Aviv, and Munich. Connected with straight line, it can be found that these cities are near the north latitude 40°.

Some people once called the north latitude 40° as magical latitude. Although lack of high-quality natural resources, the region has the world's most creative urban, such as  Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and Munich.

Starting from Beijing at around north latitude 40°, Anar Group is drifting in the world, just like it was drift in Beijing. Its main task is to survive in the competitive Beijing in the previous period, and now it will live better with the global resources after completing the primitive accumulation.