Value return with the rising of new Chinese architecture, K2 Spring Breeze redefines the habitat art


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Innovative Anar Group launched a new project to provide people with quality apartment with new Chinese architecture.

Coincidentally, Longhu, Tahoe Poly and other developers are also paying more attention to refining the quintessence of Chinese culture through years of Chinese architecture. The new Chinese style has gradually become a fashion. Behind the rise of new Chinese architecture means the return of people's value. An elegant and comfortable place in downtown make the courtyard of their home so poetic.

Mr. Liang Sicheng once said that we should study the watchtower in the Han dynasty, the carvings of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the stone pillar in the Tang and Song Dynasties, the arches of the Ming and Qing dynasties, as well as the application of the scattered stone tablet and pavilions, ancient pools, screen wall, stone bridge, and ornamental column……In fact, the new Chinese architecture has become an emerging lifestyle in the city.

Comfortable and enjoyable way of habitat

As the gradually accelerated pace of life and the extremely rich material life, the poem and the distance have been mentioned by more and more people, which reflects the dissatisfaction of people with their living and habitat conditions. Especially the high-net-worth people living in metropolitan cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou raise their demands on the quality of life and housing.

In fact, the rejuvenated "Chinese style" in the past two years has also spawned the spread of new Chinese architecture.

The new Chinese architecture has obvious advantages. It not only maintains the essence of traditional architecture, but also effectively integrates the elements of modern architecture and modern design, changes the functional use of traditional architecture and enhances the recognition and personality. Take an example. K2 Spring Breeze of Anar Group follows the traditional lanes  system in line with the Beijing neat planning and layout. With eight lanes listed aside the two sides of the central axle, the villa groups are built in line with the traditional ritual order and thus forms the spatial pattern of four building circling a ring road and nine yards connecting with eight lanes.

At the same time, the new Chinese style combines the streamlines of modern life with the essence of traditional architecture, thus making it more suitable for the living habits and psychological needs of the modern people and allowing more people to feel the cultural return with modern interpretation. However, in inheriting and developing the essence of traditional architecture, we can not simply copy and use it blindly.

As the flagship of the new Chinese-style residence of Anar Group, the K2 Spring Breeze Project abandons the traditional wood structure and uses the simple lines of stone and copper decoration to create a luxurious visual experience. The void between the facade and the wall also played a good thermal insulation function, while each floor is echoed with copper and aluminum roof and the slope design is the vivid interpretation of the new Chinese architecture.

The K2 Spring Breeze garden also fully integrates the design concept of the new Chinese style and builds a five-slopes water landscape garden through the combination of the British naturalistic garden and Oriental garden fine practices. The whole garden is divided into five space systems: a ring road, one street, four halls, eight lanes, and nine yards. Separated by the layers of landscape groups, the Kanjing Mansion and the villas are managed separately so that they can enjoy the peace and harmony, with the aim to achieve the ultimate aim of scenery-watching, playable and livable Chinese gardens.

The K2 Spring Breeze delivers the philosophy of living in Chinese residence. The high-end living experience has not only been the pursuit of material satisfaction, but also the spiritual lifestyle of "life is on vacation".

Ten years of Anar Group

Ten years ago, Anar Group was known as K2 Real Estate. After the renaming, Anar Group speeds up the business transformation and upgrading. After completion of the primitive accumulation of diversified businesses, it already has the strength to run fast. At present, Anar Group has expanded to the three major segments of "technology + finance + real estate" in parallel. With the real estate and science and technology are the driving forces and the financial sector is the guarantee, the three sectors are combined to create the best space for urban development.

At a time when developers are focusing on product lines, Anar Group has accumulated 10 years of energy. The birth of K2 Spring Breeze is a major achievement.

Except the above innovation and creation, it also provides regular 24 hours services, targeted special services and entrusted service. For the property management alone, it uses a full range of seven-dimensional security system to bringing family-like care and attention to the owners.

In addition, the community also has a set of supporting facilities including bilingual kindergartens, high-end clubs and five fresh vegetables market and convenience stores. Integrated the multiple functions of social, leisure, feast, entertainment, and cultural exchange, K2 Spring Breeze is determined to create a new intelligent lifestyle.

Upgrading K2 line product line, launching Panda apartment to tap the long-rent apartment, speeding up the national layout ... ... These moves unveil the behind idea and logic of this ambitious group that wants to be the Apple in the real estate industry.

With Begonia project which hit Beijing since its opening, and then the four major product lines of K2, M5, V7 and the Lion City, Anar Group has become the fastest-growing real estate development enterprise in China based on its solid product lines and the steady strategy.

With the commitment to build quality project and adhere to its corporate vision of refreshing a city, Anar Group is able to quickly expand from the sole real estate business into three integrated segment of "science and technology + finance + real estate", carry out innovative business and realize the healthy and sustainable growth.

At present, Anar Group has more than 30 projects in first and second tier cities across the country, and each project can be recognized by the industry. This is related to the powerful gene of Anar Group which is originated from a sales company. It can rapidly understand and meet consumer's psychology of needs and on the basis of respecting nature, respecting land and respecting humanity.