Anar Group to build eco-business complex in Beijing deputy center


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A new financial high land is rising in Tongzhou Canal CBD. On December 8, at the Beijing Deputy Center & Four West Chambers of Commerce Investment Leader Summit held, the four chambers expressed their firm confidence and hope in investing in Tongzhou.

As the important member in Tongzhou, Beijing MIX Plaza is at the center position - the Canal CBD. With the creative EOD eco-complex, it has become the typical model in the era of canal business and starts its grand development process with Tongzhou.

An international business center with high-end industries, high-end elements and talents gathering will surely attract more and more advanced industries and influential companies to station. Till now, there have been 16 estate projects in the Canal CBD with about 6.75 million kilo meters and over 83 billion investment.

Tongzhou tries its best to establish perfect business environment

As the deputy center of Beijing, Tongzhou is an important force to drive the urbanization of Beijing. The leader of the country pointed out that in the future, Beijing shall push the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province to build a world class city groups with the capital as the core, Tongzhou and Hebei Xiongan as the two wings.

Tongzhou has its advantages as the deputy center. At the summit site, Mr. Wu Tao, deputy director of Tongzhou Investment Promotion Bureau, delivered a keynote speech and emphasized that Tongzhou has three major characteristics. First, the geographical advantages. Guarding the east door, it is 20 kilometers away from Tiananmen Square and only 13 kilometers from the International Trade Center CBD, which is very closed to the central city. In the near future, with the completion of the transport hub in Beijing Deputy center, the traffic system to Tongzhou will be more developed. Second, profound historical and cultural background. Tongzhou was built in the West Han Dynasty (202BC - 220) and flourished in the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing dynasties (1644-1912). The Grand Canal started from Tongzhou wharf for the ancient Chinese emperor to navigate to the south China. Third, abundant water resources and superior ecological environment. In the future, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Grand Canal will be open to navigation.

Now, Tongzhou is making efforts to establish the perfect business environment to upgrade and transform the industries. In accordance with the planning of the deputy center, Tongzhou will develop three major industries of administration, business service and cultural tourism. In the future, with the clear water, green trees and blue sky, Tongzhou will be a model city for international harmony and coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

Beijing is building itself as a world city which is presented first in Tongzhou, the deputy center, and especially in the Canal CBD. Mr. Yang Dongfeng, expressed that as the first starting district and strategic engine, the Canal CBD is the main place to carry out the high-end business service industries.

As the pioneering district and strategic engine area of Beijing city deputy center, the Canal CBD is the main place to realize the high-end business functions. At the summit site, Mr. Zhang Feng, deputy director of Tongzhou Xincheng Development Administration detailed the planning, layout, industrial positioning and construction of the Canal CBD. He pointed out that according to the overall requirement of the new Beijing urban planning, the Canal CBD is an important carrier to extract the business function of the central city. A comprehensive complex will be built to integrate the finance, innovation and IT industry and lead the surrounding area to attract the high-end business. At the same time, the Canal CBD takes the initiate to explore the innovation mechanism and proactively formulated preferential investment policies to enhance the overall service, which is attracting a large number of investment management institutions with high growth.

At present, there are already 14 domestic first-tier brand developers stationed in the core area of Tongzhou CBD, reaching its goal to create the most high-end business clusters. Among them, the top 500 companies including Hua Insurance, TianAn Property Insurance, and Bank of Beijing have signed the lease contract. And other financial firms including the four major banks are also negotiating with the major developers for the purchase intention.

With regard to the future development of Beijing's deputy center, Mr. Shui Pi believed that under the guidance of General Secretary Xi personally, the planning was forward-looking and there was no doubt of the importance of Tongzhou’s position. It will be the true new center.

MIX Plaza is devoted to build a regional landmark complex

 It is lucky for Beijing MIX Plaza, the ninth project of Anar Group, to locate itself in the core area of Tongzhou Canal CBD. It is committed to creating a regional landmark complex. Actually, MIX Plaza is a microcosm of the quick development and closed relationship of Anar Group and Tongzhou district.

The whole plan of Beijing deputy center adopts the concept of smart city, green city, forest city and sponge city. As the front representative canal project, MIX Plaza takes the lead in introducing the EOD green office. That is to follow the ecology and architecture principles with combination of the external natural environment to create a comfortable and humane business space in line with the green sustainable development.

To better realize the EOD concept, Beijing MIX Plaza introduced the Green Office idea of Ecological Office District in Silicon Valley and created the first EOD eco-complex in cooperation with GENSLER, AECOM and other top international teams. It set up the water landmark buildings, the Light of Grand Canal, with a total construction area of about 170,000 square meters, including intelligent ecological office buildings, first-line river-view business apartments, commercial clusters along the river and near the subway, leisure ecological parks, three-dimensional business blocks, culture and leisure squares, and art gardens.

"in an ideal future project, the science and technology industry ability will determine formats, the real estate capacity will determine the shape, and the financial ability is to determine the ecology. The three factors are indispensable." The management of Anar Group official said, "Our project should be a powerful point to promote the innovation, enhance the city upgrading and become one pole of regional economy growth. As the landmark complex in Tongzhou Canal CBD, Beijing MIX Plaza is the birthplace of the three.”

It’s said that MIX Plaza is an eco-business complex along the Tongzhou canal. Its three 5A-level office buildings and one commercial apartment occupy the first-line riverfront landscape. It advocates the concept of EOD green building, the sixth generation building. Upon completion, it will be a waterfront city complex with the most flexible office area in the area.

With the scare canal-view , the super-5A office buildings of the MIX Plaza lead the era of the intelligent eco-office flagship. The standard floors with 823-1722accept sales or rent for the entire floor. The building is equipped with the high-end hardware and software including fully tempered double hollow LOW-E glass curtain wall, central air-conditioning, fresh air haze system, 5A smart office system, cloud fitness clubs, air Leisure Club hall, and golden key professional service. It pioneered the concept of eco-business, smart business and human business and took the lead in the new era of office buildings in the Canal CBD.

It is known that the name of MIX Plaza comes from Tao and Teh. No great business without great virtue. Great things needs great virtue, and in this way can we do great business. As the deputy center, Tongzhou is a big platform. Anar Group believes that it needs to fit this for the development of itself.

From K2 to Anar Group, value puzzle completed in ten years

More than Beijing MIX Plaza. The achievements and contributions of the Anar Group are evident to all. Anar Group is the testimony and the participant of the regional development. Established in 2007, K2 Begonia Bay is the first name card of Anar Group to the public. Later, Anar Group developed four product lines in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and  Pearl River Delta.

With the continuous transformation of the real estate industry, the state step-by-step deepening supply-side reform, control of housing speculation, Anar Group realized that the development of a company is closed tied with the city development. Therefore, Anar Group has actively transformed itself from K2 to Anar Group, transforming itself from a pure real estate developer into an innovation-based city pioneer, and upgrading its sole real estate business into a diversified group with three parallel business of real estate, technology and finance.

In the business model of real estate, technology and finance, with quality real estate and technology innovation as dual driving force, and guarded by the financial investment, Anar Group is dedicated to creating a better space for the continuous development for the city and the people.

To strengthen its brand influence in the real estate industry, in the recent years, Anar Group chose to diversify its industry layout and began to tap the business real estate development. With the real estate strength and resource integration capability, Anar Group made efforts to develop the office building, increased the company value, and enhanced competitiveness in a house-stock operation era. Relying on its advanced development vision and innovative spirit, it has built many regional landmark commercial and business complexes.

Tongzhou has seen the hardworking of Anar Group for ten years. We are offering better products to this beloved land, staring from K2 Begonia Bay, through M5 series to V7 series, till now the MIX Plaza. In particular, after it began to tap the nationwide market, Anar Group will help the regional development with accumulated capital and resources. It is ready to fly with Tongzhou.

At the moment, the curtain of the era of the Beijing deputy center is unveiling. Today, China has stood at a new starting point for its deep opening to the world. For its rapid development, it needs a platform for common development in seeking cooperation in policies, facilities, trade and finance. The deputy center of Beijing will not only open a new chapter in capital development, but also will provide a broad stage for business development.