Anar Group works hard in Tongzhou and the diversified development helps to upgrade the region


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People's Daily, Beijing, December 14 (Xu Qian) Ten years ago, Tongzhou was still a remote suburb of downtown Beijing. At that time, Anar Group launched the first project in Tongzhou called K2 Begonia Bay.

Now, ten years later, Tongzhou is already the deputy center of Beijing. The economic center, cultural center, high-end medical facilities and international diplomatic clusters will all settle down in Tongzhou and form a planning pattern of one core with five districts.

In addition to the nine projects in Tongzhou, Anar Group also has projects in the key cities including Shanghai, Hengqin, Ningbo, Suzhou, Baoding, Yangzhou, and Qingdao, realizing its national development strategy.

The management of Anar Group expressed that during the ten years, Anar Group has transformed itself from the sole real estate developer into three major business of real estate+technology+finance. But all this is originated from the K2 product line in Tongzhou ten years ago.

Working hard in Tongzhou to build the deputy center of Beijing

Not long ago, the ninth project of Anar Group in Tongzhou is open to the public. MIX Plaza is an eco-business complex alongside the canal, including three 5A office buildings and one commercial apartment. With the best river view and the 6th building concept of EOD green ecological office, it will be a waterfront city complex with the most flexible office area in the area.

The whole plan of Beijing deputy center adopts the concept of smart city, green city, forest city and sponge city. As the front representative canal project, MIX Plaza takes the lead in introducing the EOD green office. That is to follow the ecology and architecture principles with combination of the external natural environment to create a comfortable and humane business space in line with the green sustainable development.

 In order to better realize the EOD concept, Beijing MIX Plaza cooperated with the top teams of GENSLER, AECOM, LEOX and PAL to finalize the construction concept of Canal Light after 22 times of program optimization. Personalized configuration is introduced in the office space including garden viewing platform, sky fitness, cloud meeting, and so on. The eight technology-based intelligent systems help achieve a green office experience.

In the future, Anar Group is still very optimistic about the development of Tongzhou. The official said Tongzhou as the deputy center of Beijing with bright overall situation and great trend. No promising company will give up this opportunity.

After its first K2 Begonia Bay in Tongzhou, through ten years development, Anar Group already has four product lines. With the design concept of life is on vocation, the K2 series is typical for the K2 Begonia Bay, K2 Clear Water Bay, K2 Lili Bay, and K2 Magnolia Bay. In addition to the K2 product line, it has the high-end villa series, with the representative of V7 Jiujiantang; M5 series of the urban apartment, with the representative of M2 Lang Summit, M5 Canal No. 1; and the Lion City series with Singapore life style, represented by the Beijing South Lion City, Beijing West Lion City and Beijing East Lion City.

Diversified development in technology and finance

Except the real estate business, Anar Group focus on the technology and finance business, which have made rapid growth.

Among them, Zoom Tech is based on innovation and entrepreneurship services to establish an international cooperative innovation-based eco-park and provide outstanding entrepreneurs with an international innovative platform. Zoom Tech has set up an incubation mode of "office community + online community", " platform of first-tier cities in China + overseas innovation center" and " technology + business + investment". Driven by strong scientific and technological support and sufficient investment, its innovation park is committed to becoming an engine of regional economic development.

Up to now, Zoom Tech has constructed and operated three parks including Beijing Anar Science and Technology Innovation Center, Beijing CDD Creative Innovation Center and Shanghai Changning Science and Technology Cultural Innovation Center, with a total construction area of 550,000 square meters and a total asset of 20 billion yuan. In addition, Zoom Tech Cross-border Acceleration Service Network has successively set up overseas innovation centers in Silicon Valley, Boston, Dallas, Tel Aviv, Munich and Singapore to realize the interaction and cooperation of international innovative resources.

In addition, the Wookboom Fund under the Anar Group focuses on the investment and investment management services of the fast-growing enterprises in the high-tech sector. Since the foundation, it established the self-own fund, and together with a number of mature funds, it initiated the establishment of venture capital fund alliance. Through a series of industrial management and capital operation, it successively invested in more than 50 enterprises in the fields of Internet, intelligent hardware, 3D printing, power battery, advanced manufacturing, medical health, Antarctic krill fishing and marine engineering.

In the future, within the three sectors of technology, finance and real estate including the traditional real estate business, Anar Group will create a new life style and needs and even new market through technology innovation, product upgrading and business creation.