Tongzhou CBD officially opened, unveiling Beijing MIX Plaza


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Beijing Tongzhou CBD Development Forum and Beijing MIX Plaza grandly opened on August 23, with attendance of Beijing municipal officers, scholars, and professionals from the industry and the media, including Mr. Chen Zhi, Vice President and Secretary General of Beijing Real Estate Association, Mr. Yang Dongfeng, Director of Investment Promotion Bureau of Tongzhou District, Mr. Ma Baocheng, Director of Policy Consultation Department of Chinese Academy of Governance, Mr. Wang Maojun, Advisor to North China Region and Executive Director of Transaction Department of CB Richard Ellis. The leaders and professionals offered advice and suggestions to the development of Tongzhou CBD and provided support for the opening of Beijing MIX Plaza.


Grand opening of Beijing MIX plaza

As the Beijing deputy center, Tongzhou is an important force in promoting the urban process of Beijing. Chen Zhi, vice president and secretary general of Beijing Real Estate Association, pointed out that: "As one of the important urban development nodes, Tongzhou occupies the most important position. The new general plan of Beijing is basically two wings and Tongzhou is one wing." Beijing MIX Plaza is at the center of Tongzhou CBD, and it has an important mission of building the business card of Beijing. Taking the occasion of the regional development forum, Beijing MIX Plaza starts its grand development process with Tongzhou.


Mr. Chen Zhi, vice president and secretary general of Beijing Real Estate Associatio

In the Canal light, Tongzhou set sail

At the forum, Mr. Yang Dongfeng, Director of Investment Promotion Bureau of Tongzhou District, described the history of Tongzhou from the cultural and historical aspect and made a beautiful forecast for Tongzhou’s future. “Beijing is building a world-class city, which will take the lead in Tongzhou, especially in the Tongzhou Canal CBD.”

Mr. Ma Baocheng, Director of Policy Consultation Department of Chinese Academy of Governance, made a speech themed Prospect of the Regional Development Trends in Tongzhou, pointing out that Secretary Xi Jinping gave many instructions on the development of Beijing Sub-Center, and the regional and policy advantages were strong support for the rapid development of Tongzhou.


Mr. Ma Baocheng, Director of Policy Consultation Department of Chinese Academy of Governance

As early as 2009, the 7th Plenary Session of the 10th Beijing Municipal Committee clearly put forward to “concentrate resources and focus on Tongzhou to build it as a new international city compatible with the development of the capital”. In 2012, at the 11th Party Congress, Beijing formally proposed for the first time that Tongzhou would be built as the sub-center of Beijing.

With the announcement of Tongzhou as the Sub-Center of Beijing and the eastward relocations of the city government, the economic center, cultural center, high-end medical facilities and diplomatic clusters of Beijing will settle in Tongzhou, forming the pattern of One core with Five zones. And the core Canal CBD area is located at the interchange of five rivers, with a total area of 16 square kilometers, where can be build a total  construction area of 3.16 million square meters. The development of Tongzhou Canal core area is highly anticipated. In the future, Tongzhou CBD will be the core area of business development and the strategic engine for Tongzhou to build an international metropolis.

Although Tongzhou Canal CBD sounds like the China World Trade Center CBD or the Financial Street, its specification are actually much higher and its planning area is twice that of the World Trade Center CBD. As Mr. Wang Maojun, Advisor to North China Region and Executive Director of Transaction Department of CB Richard Ellis, pointed out, “the world-famous CBDs like that in Chicago and Melbourne all have their planning first and then development later.” Tongzhou Canal CBD also adopts the idea of first planning and later construction to effectively avoid the occurrence of urban diseases such as traffic stress and population pressure in the core areas of China World Trade Center. Upon completion, it will become the ninth largest bay area CBD in the world and occupy the commanding height of the world's commercial economy. Just like other eight bay area CBDs in Manhattan, Canary Wharf in London, Central Hong Kong, Lujiazui in Shanghai and so on, their common feature is to attract the world capital and the Fortune 500 companies with the waterfront locations and the most core areas.

 At present, there are already 14 domestic first-tier brand developers stationed in the core area of Tongzhou CBD, reaching its goal to create the most high-end business clusters. Among them, the top 500 companies including Huaxia Insurance, TianAn Property Insurance, and Bank of Beijing have signed the lease contract. And other financial firms including the four major banks are also negotiating with the major developers for the purchase intention. The world's ninth largest Bay Area CBD is shaping the future.

Beijing MIX Plaza, EOD ecologic complex

It is lucky for Beijing MIX Plaza, the ninth project of Anar Group, to locate itself in the core area of Tongzhou Canal CBD. It is committed to creating a regional landmark complex. Mr. Liu Yonghong, the project sales director, said: “MIX Plaza is an eco-business complex along the Tongzhou canal. Its three 5A-level office buildings and one commercial apartment occupy the first-line riverfront landscape. It advocates the concept of EOD green building, the sixth generation building. Upon completion, it will be a waterfront city complex with the most flexible office area in the area.”


 Mr. Liu Yonghong, the project sales director

The whole plan of Beijing sub-center adopts the concept of smart city, green city, forest city and sponge city. As the front representative canal project, MIX Plaza takes the lead in introducing the EOD green office. That is to follow the ecology and architecture principles with combination of the external natural environment to create a comfortable and humane business space in line with the green sustainable development. A survey conducted by the Green Ecological Architecture Agency in the United States confirmed that the work efficiency could be increased by over 10% when working in a green eco-environment. With its first-class ecological environment and cutting-edge planning concepts, the core canal area has become the most suitable eco-friendly office in the EOD Era.

 In order to better realize the EOD concept, Beijing MIX Plaza cooperated with the top teams of GENSLER, AECOM, LEOX and PAL to finalize the construction concept of Canal Light after 22 times of program optimization. Personalized configuration is introduced in the office space including garden viewing platform, sky fitness, cloud meeting, and so on. The eight technology-based intelligent systems help achieve a green office experience. With the overall planning in the international standards and international vision with Chinese characteristics and high-end positioning, Anar Group makes every effort to create a new leaf of the grand canal.

Anar Group completing the value puzzle

More than Beijing MIX Plaza. The achievements and contributions of the Anar Group are evident to all. Anar Group is the testimony and the participant of the regional development. Mr. Xu Zhenfeng, the brand director of Anar Group, pointed out: “Tongzhou has seen the hardworking of Anar Group for ten years. We are offering better products to this beloved land, staring from K2 Begonia Bay, through M5 series to V7 series, till now the MIX Plaza. In particular, after it began to tap the nationwide market, Anar Group will help the regional development with accumulated capital and resources. It is ready to fly with Tongzhou.”

Founded in 2007, Anar Group is committed to becoming a pioneer in upgrading the innovative city and creating a better space for the sustainable development of people and city with quality estate and technology innovation as a dual driving force and financial investment as guaranty. Through nearly 10 years of development, it has built a unique business model of technology + finance + real estate.

Over the past decade, Anar Group has launched the K2, M5 and V7 product lines in its core cities to provide a full range of value-added services combining entrepreneurship, finance, social and leisure activities. In order to strengthen the brand strength in the real estate industry, in recent years, Anar Group has chosen a diversified industrial layout and begins to tap the business building market.

In 2012, Anar Group invested 2.6 billion yuan to build two 5A landmark office buildings, 6 creative entrepreneurship bases, and a CDD creative harbor Jiayue Plaza. In 2013, Anar Group won the Changning land and it dedicated to building the Shanghai Changning Center that integrates office building, business, culture, business incubation, exhibition and exchanges. In 2015, Anar Group selected the golden point of connecting the Financial Street and Yizhuang Development Zone to build Pomegranate Center, the only international shared office park within Beijing’s 4th Ring Road.

In the past five years, with the real estate strength and resource integration capability, Anar Group made efforts to develop the office building, increased the company value, and enhanced competitiveness in a house-stock operation era. Relying on its advanced development vision and innovative spirit, it has built many regional landmark commercial and business complexes.

Today, Anar Group is closely following the pace of the development of Beijing. It is building Beijing MIX Plaza, which is located in the core Tongzhou Canal CBD, the most potential area. Anar Group took the lead to introduce the advanced concept of EOD green office in the Beijing Sub-center and made it the light of the canal in the physical and spiritual significance. With the increasingly improved rail transit, relocations of the municipal government, station of the Fortune 500 companies, the world ninth largest bay area CBD is shaping. Beijing MIX Plaza is honored to have a stand and it will define the Beijing ecological complex mode with its brand new standard.