K2 Spring Breeze upgrades the habitat quality in Tongzhou


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On the afternoon of September 13, the melodious harp and flute lyric is echoing in the Beijing Time Museum near the Drum Tower. Accompanied by the customized dance Decade of Dream, Anar Group started the opening ceremony of its K2 Spring Breeze project.

Mr. Meng Fanjia, founding president of Companion Calligraphy Academy, Mr. Yuan Songting, founder of Beijing DDON Associates, Mr. Xu Zhenfeng, the brand director of Anar Group, Mr. Yao Jiangang, general manager of Anar Group Product Center, Mr. Zhang Zhang, sales director of Anar Group, and more than 200 distinguished guests and the friends from the media participated in this event.

Ten years later, K2 met the spring breeze. Over the past ten years, Tongzhou has been transformed from a suburban county into Beijing Sub-Center. With the overall construction of the major projects including the Canal CBD, the Universal Studio, the municipal government districts and the construction of the supporting facilities including transportation, education and medicine, Tongzhou will grow into a cosmopolitan city and K2 will also develop with Tongzhou. In line with the concept of Life is on Vacation, K2 series product line is continuously upgraded. Integrating the life philosophy of Anar Group and the new Chinese aesthetics, K2 Spring Breeze is filling the scarcity of high-end quality community in eastern Beijing.



New Chinese aesthetics

In recent years, with the improvement of China's overall national strength, the inheritance and dissemination of Chinese traditional culture has gradually become a new element of life. The return of Chinese culture becomes the mainstream of the society, and the incorporation of the contemporary Chinese aesthetics into the traditional Chinese heritage even more increasingly becomes the ideal product style and living conditions of the real estate and construction.


As a masterpiece of Anar Group for the year, K2 Spring Breeze incorporates the prevailing new Chinese style in life and embodies the continuity and innovation of oriental aesthetics and ritual order. Adhering to the traditional lane planning and combining the local character, K2 Spring Breeze shows a spatial pattern of four building circling a ring road and nine yards connecting with eight lanes. The traditional Chinese soul and the west technology as well as the Art-deco style are combined and harmonious in the project. Here the eastern and western typical characteristics are presented in a perfect condition listing the stone, green tiles, bronze materials, traditional oriental patterns, the traditional Chinese high roof, Chinese yards, the scientific arrangement of the circulation order, special layout of the courts, home gardens for the high buildings, and the fully furnished lobby space.


The K2 Spring Breeze garden also fully integrates the design concept of the new Chinese style and builds a five-slopes water landscape garden through the combination of the British naturalistic garden and Oriental garden fine practices. The whole garden is divided into five space systems: a ring road, one street, four halls, eight lanes, and nine yards. Separated by the layers of landscape groups, the Kanjing Mansion and the villas are managed separately so that they can enjoy the peace and harmony.

Many kinds of original crown trees are planted in K2 Spring Breeze, and with the meandering water system, lawn and shrubs, you can enjoy the beautiful garden view immediately after moving in. More important, the garden pays more attention to participation. The nine gardens have different themes with colorful views. The owners at all age ranges can enjoy the comfortable outdoor space and K2 Spring Breeze achieves the ultimate aim of scenery-watching, playable and livable Chinese gardens.

Apart from the traditional Chinese style architecture and landscape culture, K2 Spring Breeze offers quality life service. As the first-class professional estate management company of Anar Group, Qiaogeli regards each owner as a family. In addition to the regular 24 hours services, it offers special targeted or entrusted services. And for the property management, it adopts a full range of seven-dimensional security system to safeguard the owners.

In addition, the community is also equipped with a bilingual kindergarten, high-end clubs and five fresh vegetables markets and convenience stores. With the aim to create a new intelligent lifestyle, K2 Spring Breeze has many functions including social, leisure, catering, entertainment, and cultural exchanges.

Bright future of Tongzhou

Economic development and urbanization have led to the influx of talent and capital to cities, especially to the first-tier cities. Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei is undoubtedly the most important national strategy in the recent years. Tongzhou, as an important site of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei strategy, is no doubt about its development prospects as it is the sub-center of Beijing. 


With the announcement of Tongzhou as the Sub-Center of Beijing and the eastward relocations of the city government, the economic center, cultural center, high-end medical facilities and diplomatic clusters of Beijing will settle in Tongzhou, forming the pattern of One core with Five zones. Located at the junction of Tianjin and Hebei and adjacent to the new Beijing Municipal government office building, K2 Spring Breeze is closed to large commercial complexes including Tongzhou Canal CBD, Beiyuan Wanda Plaza and Jingtong Roosevelt Plaze etc. With the delivery of Beijing 2nd Airport, S6 Railway, and Beijing-Tianjin inter-city railway, its traffic will be more convenient and the supporting facilities will become increasingly mellow.

And CRIC data also show that in the past year, the average final price and the average unit price of the apartments in Tongzhou were increased significantly in terms of both number and the regional rankings. Under the context of estate purchase restrictions and the falling apartment price in other districts, Tongzhou show an obvious upward trend. It can be forecasted that the apartment price in Tongzhou still have room with great potential.

The gradually mature K2 series products

What is time? For Anar Group, time is an alchemical stone for a company to become mature. That’s the reason why Anar Group chose the Time Museum for the news conference of K2 Spring Breeze.