Beijing Deputy center Investment Leader Summit successfully held in MIX Plaza


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On the afternoon of December 8, jointly organized by the Tongzhou Investment Promotion Bureau and Tongzhou Xincheng Development Administration, Anar Group, jointly with Shanxi Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, Shaanxi Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, Guangxi Chamber of Commerce in Beijing jointly held Beijing Deputy center & Four-Western Chambers of Commerce Investment Leader Summit in the Reception Hall of MIX Plaza.


The summit received strong support and positive response from both political and commercial circles and from all walks of life. The relevant official leaders and four chambers of commerce with numerous entrepreneur delegations attended the event. Mr. Shui Pi, the famous financial critic, was invited to the scene. Dozens of main stream media representatives came to the scene and hundreds of distinguished guests gathered together to discuss the economic situation and the importance of the Canal area and celebrate the event.


The municipal leaders of Tonghou District led the representatives of the four chambers of commerce to visit the exhibition hall of Beijing deputy center to fully understand the geography, culture, and history of Tongzhou, as well as the construction concept and orientation of Tongzhou. By use of the sand table, they gave classified explanation and comprehensively intuitively showed the overall strategic planning, functional layout and advanced construction technology over the 155 km2. The guests admired and praised Tongzhou and were confident about the future of Tongzhou.


Beijing Deputy center | Millennium City, Future City

At the summit site, Mr. Wu Tao, deputy director of Tongzhou Investment Promotion Bureau, delivered a keynote speech and emphasized that Tongzhou has three major characteristics. First, the geographical advantages. Guarding the east door, it is 20 kilometers away from Tiananmen Square and only 13 kilometers from the International Trade Center CBD, which is very closed to the central city. In the near future, with the completion of the transport hub in Beijing Deputy center, the traffic system to Tongzhou will be more developed. Second, profound historical and cultural background. Tongzhou was built in the West Han Dynasty (202BC - 220) and flourished in the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing dynasties (1644-1912). The Grand Canal started from Tongzhou wharf for the ancient Chinese emperor to navigate to the south China. Third, abundant water resources and superior ecological environment. In the future, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Grand Canal will be open to navigation. In the bright new era of building the Beijing Deputy center, Tongzhou is trying its best to build the perfect business environment for industrial transformation and upgrading. We hope that more and more powerful enterprise will station in Tongzhou and create a bright future for the Deputy center in Tongzhou.


Canal CBD | New focus of the times and new investment opportunity

As the pioneering district and strategic engine area of Beijing city deputy center, the Canal CBD is the main place to realize the high-end business functions. At the summit site, Mr. Zhang Feng, deputy director of Tongzhou Xincheng Development Administration detailed the planning, layout, industrial positioning and construction of the Canal CBD. He pointed out that according to the overall requirement of the new Beijing urban planning, the Canal CBD is an important carrier to extract the business function of the central city. A comprehensive complex will be built to integrate the finance, innovation and IT industry and lead the surrounding area to attract the high-end business. At the same time, the Canal CBD takes the initiate to explore the innovation mechanism and proactively formulated preferential investment policies to enhance the overall service, which is attracting a large number of investment management institutions with high growth. For example, the regional headquarter of many financial institutions like Bank of Beijing and Hua Insurance.


Alliance of Four chambers to discuss the general trend of Beijing Deputy center

This Beijing Deputy center Investment Leader Summit won the strong support and positive response from the alliance of four chambers of commerce. Mr. Ma Yongsheng, executive chairman of Shanxi Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, Mr. Wei Long, vice president of Shaanxi Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, Mr. Zeng Yongjie, vice president of Guangxi Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, and Mr. Tao Binhui, rotating president of Jiangxi chamber of Commerce in Beijing took the stage and made speeches to talk about the achievements and experiences for this trip and express their firm confidence and hope in investing in Tongzhou. The arrival of the four chambers also indicates that these enterprises have won the opportunities to compete in Tongzhou. As Ma Yongsheng, executive chairman of the Shanxi Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, said that today, China has stood at a new starting point for its deep opening to the world. In order to achieve rapid growth, enterprises need a platform for common development to seek cooperation in policies, facilities, trade and capital. On the broad platform of Beijing's deputy center, we need to closely follow the pace of the times and keep up with the government's deployment. In this way, we will surely create a brighter future.


Financial expert Shui Pi explores the investment strategy in the new economy

As the hottest financial critic of the moment, Mr. Shui Pi, the chief editor of China Times made his debut with a keynote speech entitled Investment Strategy after the 19th National Congress. In the scene, with his usual humors language and wisdom, Mr. Shui Pi explained the profound financial theory in simple terms for the guests to enjoy a knowledge feast.


With regard to the future development of Beijing's deputy center, Mr. Shui Pi believed that under the guidance of General Secretary Xi personally, the planning was forward-looking and there was no doubt of the importance of Tongzhou’s position. It will be the true new center.

Through the interpretation of the economic strategy and comment on financial events, Mr. Shui Pi won the applauses and aroused strong resonance with his unique view and personal experience. With great decision-making reference value, his meticulous observation and forward-looking view let the guests see the trend of the times and insight the direction of investment.


As an important member of the Canal CBD, Beijing MIX Plaza introduced the Green Office idea of Ecological Office District in Silicon Valley and created the first EOD eco-complex in cooperation with GENSLER, AECOM and other top international teams. It set up the water landmark buildings, the Light of Grand Canal, with a total construction area of about 170,000 square meters, including intelligent ecological office buildings, first-line river-view business apartments, commercial clusters along the river and near the subway, leisure ecological parks, three-dimensional business blocks, culture and leisure squares, and art gardens.


With the scare canal-view , the super-5A office buildings of the MIX Plaza lead the era of the intelligent eco-office flagship. The standard floors with 823-1722㎡accept sales or rent for the entire floor. The building is equipped with the high-end hardware and software including fully tempered double hollow LOW-E glass curtain wall, central air-conditioning, fresh air haze system, 5A smart office system, cloud fitness clubs, air Leisure Club hall, and golden key professional service. It pioneered the concept of eco-business, smart business and human business and took the lead in the new era of office buildings in the Canal CBD.