V7 Lotus Moonlight and Pomegranate Center won the 14th Jingrui Award


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On December 15, 2017, the 14th Jingrui Award was unveiled and the award ceremony was held at the venue of the Annual Meeting of the All Real Estate Association of 2017. Its V7 Lotus Moonlight project won the Landscape Design Award and Pomegranate Center  won the Innovative Practice Award.


Based on the surrounding natural landscape resources, the design of V7 Lotus Moonlight extends the largest water environment in the southwest of Beijing. Over the area of 3400 square meters, it built its own water system in the garden. The project's internal advantages are echoing with the external natural landscape. With the aim to build an ecological, natural and harmonious community, the project will be the landmark residence highlighting its district.


Pomegranate Center  takes the lead in establishing trinitarian science and technology enterprise incubation model as “work community plus online community”, “platform in big cities of china plus overseas innovation center” and “technology, commerce and investment”. Starting from creation of high-quality innovative ecological community service system, with high-end resources integration of talents, capital, cross-border services and others, gathering intelligence, talents, resources and strength, as well as build “internationalized 4.0 version professional scientific and technological incubator colony”, thus realize the transformation from Intensive Operation to Sharing Economy ”, high-end resources integration and sharing, the complementary real and virtual platform with bond or without bond. Now Anar Group has been approved to be the Zhongguancun Fengtai branch, which is the first batch operated by private companies.

Approved by the State Ministry of Science and Technology, State Science and Technology Award Office, Jingrui Award (China Habitat Jingrui Award) is jointly initiated by All Real Estate Association and Jingrui Habitat Development Foundation. As the first state-level science and technology award in the habitat and urban construction in China, its review is under the guidance of the State Science and Technology Award Office. Every year, the expert panel will select and review the outstanding projects from the hundreds of applied products for award through the examination, pre-review, re-assessment, on-site evalsuation, publicity and re-examine.

With the aim to promote the innovation of the industry, Jingrui Award is devoted to discovering the best practices of various habitat and urban construction projects in terms of green ecology, low-carbon environment protection, planning and design, architectural design, interior design and architectural culture.